"When Rock Star Charisma Meets Celtic Dervish Fiddling" -- Nashville's Music City Roots

                             'Scythian has reinvented folk rock in America' -- iHeart Radio's Arroe Collin

[BIO] Named after Ukrainian nomads, Scythian (sith-ee-yin) plays immigrant rock with thunderous energy, technical prowess, and storytelling songwriting, beckoning crowds into a barn-dance rock concert experience. Celebrating 10 years of getting people dancing all night, Scythian released their new album, Jump at the Sun, this summer, with new songs debuting at album release shows across the country. Ed Helms's The Bluegrass Situation has chimed in with praise, calling "Paint This Town" a 'shine-fueled, fiddle-flying hoedown' and "Built These Walls" a 'blue-collar ballad we can all get behind.' Nashville's Music City Roots says Scythian is 'what happens when rock star charisma meets Celtic dervish fiddling.' Scythian's "Immigrant Road Show" consists of Alexander Fedoryka, Josef Crosby, Danylo Fedoryka, Ben-David Warner, and Tim Hepburn and Larissa Fedoryka.

Scythian will travel to Ireland October 4-11 for a fan tour of the Emerald Isle, bringing 90 of their fans with them.

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“[Scythian gives] no quarter in their quest to entertain and bring a joy to their music that gives it an irony-free, wide open feel of manic possibility. The playing is technically brilliant, but it is the energy that carries the day." —Camel City Dispatch (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

"For the past 20 years we've relied on hip hop to get people on the dance floor, when in reality they just haven't discovered [Scythian] yet."—Arroe Collins, iHeartRadio

"Scythian's enthusiasm is contagious, and shows seem to end with everyone dancing, jumping around or hoisting glasses." —Washington Post

"'Built These Walls' is a blue-collar ballad we can all get behind." —The Bluegrass Situation, reviewing new album Jump at the Sun


Alexander Fedoryka: Fiddle/Mandolin/Bass/Vocals
Trained classically, Alexander started playing at the age of 3 and has performed in such venues as the Kennedy Center and Wolf Trap. Of note, Alexander spent six months in Japan studying under Dr. Suzuki, the renowned founder of the Suzuki School of Music. Alexander also spent four months playing in the streets of Ireland where he picked up the Celtic spirit and combined it with the Gypsy soul of his own Ukrainian ancestry.

Josef Crosby: Fiddle/Bass/Vocals
Trained classically, Josef studied at Duquesne under Joe Petron and has performed in venues such as the Benedum Center and Soldiers & Sailors memorial hall. Making the switch to Celtic fiddling, Joe forms the second half of Scythian's signature "dueling fiddles" and is known for his jazzy "dirt & grit" style.

Danylo Fedoryka: Rhythm Guitar/Accordion/Vocals
Trained as a classical pianist, Danylo made the switch to rhythm guitar in order to make music with his brother Alexander. Having performed at the Kennedy Center and Wolf Trap as a classical musician, Danylo enjoys the free and somewhat loose spirit of Celtic music. Putting his keyboard skills to use, Danylo also picked up the accordion which he sports during the bands Gypsy and Klezmer pieces.

Tim Hepburn: Drums/Percussion/...
The youngest, and most recent member of the band, Tim has been playing since he was a wee boy, "wee" as in young, not as in small, because, well frankly, Tim was never small. Hailing from CT, in between learning how to become a monster on the drums from the age of 5, Tim found the spare time to become an Eagle Scout, an accomplished trumpet player, and also run over diminutive humans as a football lineman in high school. While Tim can bring the thunder on the kit, his biggest influence on the drums comes from the finesse of the jazz world, and nuance is probably the best weapon in his holster, followed closely by his sweet potato omelet. We were happy to intercept him on his path to the Manhattan School of Jazz. Our apologies, Manhattan School of Music.


Featuring ... Larissa Fedoryka: Cello
Larissa, who began her cello career at age 3 as a member of the Fedoryka Family Players, is working toward her doctorate in performance at the University of California-Santa Barbara,. In addition to touring with Scythian during the summer and appearing on Jump at the Sun, she tours with Latin recording star Marco Antonio Solis.








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