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Scythian in Irelan

Scythian dates are set for the 2017 Ireland Trip! - As they say, "third time's a charm" and after the last two Ireland tours we can say we've put together our best itinerary yet! Tickets went on sale in the beginning of november and we have already SOLD OUT the first bus. This means there are only 40 spots left! We've put together a great website with a video message from Alex, videos of the last two tours and a full itinerary with FAQs. We encourage you to check it out and don't dawdle - last year's tour sold out in just two weeks. Click here to see the itinerary!

Scythian hosts an even bigger 2nd Appaloosa Festival - Thank you! Thank you to all of you who made the second APPALOOSA even better than the first! What a weekend of amazing music, amazing people and amazing times! We can honestly say that it was a piece of heaven and you all who made the trek out were a big part of that. This year we had 7 stages along with a workshop stage that was going non-stop. If youf missed it, we highly encourage you to visit the festival website and mark you calendar for next year - LABOR DAY WEEKEND! . . .
In the meantime here are some highlight videos of 2016:

Daddario StringScythian Sponsored by D'Addario Strings - Once again we'd like to thank D'Addario Strings for generously sponsoring us in our string and drum equipment needs. With two guitars, four fiddles, a banjo, a viola and a mandolin in the band, those needs are many. Dan has been using D'Addario strings from day one since they take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. Visit D' to see what they have to offer.

Alex Endorsed by Robert Kain Violins!

We are excited to announce that recently I have been generously endorsed by a great violin maker, Robert Kain, and his Country String Shop. Robert is based not far from Harrisburg, PA, Amish country Pennsylvania, and his craft reflects it. I first walked into his shop to buy a mandolin back in 2007, and while waiting in his shop, pulled up one of his handcrafted violins, and ended up walking out with both instruments! After 7 years of playing that violin, and well over 700 shows, I still enjoy playing it just as much as the first day I picked it up.

I still feel that it's the most versatile violin I've played in that it crosses over from classical to Celtic to gypsy to Americana tunes easily, which can be tough with violins. And whenever I've been rough on her (she's got a nice scar from a crazy NYC show to prove it!), Robert has been fantastic in getting her fixed up and turned around for my next show. And perhaps most important of all when it comes to making instruments, after years of knowing him, I know Robert to be a good man and I'm proud to call him a friend.

Some of you already know that I've been recommending his violins from the start, for all ranges from beginner to professional. After fiddling around in violin shops all over the country, there really isn't a better value for what you get.

Robert has been so kind as to give me one of his violins to play! It was only recently finished in May of 2014, crafted in the Stradivarius style - and I'm really excited to incorporate it into the show. It's got a lovely, brilliant tone, and gets me excited about really getting back into my classical roots. Currently I'm playing his Guarnieri style model made in 2000, a darker, more robust sound that really connects me to my Ukrainian roots.

He also gave me a Cadenza model bow that I'm excited about since it's a hybrid of wood and carbon fiber, which will be great since all summer long I deal with extreme temperatures and humidity swings playing our summer festivals across the country. I've been playing it for the last couple of weeks and it's really been fun with it's responsiveness and balance.

And lastly, he gave me a really sweet case made by the American Case Company, which is famous for protecting violins from mishaps like falling off of cars on highways, down stairs, and off bar stools, which is perfect for me!

So if you're in the market for a new instrument, I highly recommend Robert and his Country String Shop. He's also a one stop shop for bows and cases, etc, and he stands behind every instrument he makes, something you don't get with the Chinese and eBay companies. I like to think of buying violins from one of these companies like buying art from Hot Topics.

He has a violin academy upstairs in his 19th century brick building, and he also offers violin rentals for students, which is great for kids who grow quickly! And just a note that he has been making cellos lately and they have been getting snatched up by pros and beginners alike.

In the end, I love the idea of supporting Robert and his little string shop (along with his wife Nancy who helps him run it). A craftsman who loves his instruments, loves what he does, and excels at it. It's hard to compete with the Chinese violin shops and online companies who sell instruments for cheap. But it's hard to compare their products too. And so I'm really happy to help get the word out about Robert's shop.

I'm grateful for Roberts generosity in sharing his gift with me and all I can do is pass it on and recommend him in the highest manner. You can check out his website and instruments here. If you're ever in the area of Cambelltown, PA, stop by and say "hi" and tell him Alex from Scythian sent you! Click HERE for his website...

Danylo featured on MUSICIANSFRIEND.COM - This weeks feature on The Hub, MUSICIANSFRIEND.COM's online magazine, talks about "All the Small Things: Strings, Pickups and Other Gear" and The Hub interviews Danylo on his thoughts. He is honored to find himself in some fine company including Steve Cropper (Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame), and Steve Phillips of The Elders. See what Danylo and the others have to saw about "all the small things".

PreSonusPreSonus sponsors Scythian! - We are very pleased to announce that PreSonus has agreed to partner with Scythian by hooking us up with gear and support. Sponsorships like this are key for unsigned bands like us. We did about 400 shows using standard monitors when we realized we would probably go deaf soon due to the volume on stage. This digital board is what we use to set our in-ear monitors which protect our hearing. It has made our life oh so much better. So thank you PreSonus for looking out for us! Check out their website here.



Click HERE for a video of the performance